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Review of UKCP09

In accordance with Defra policy, a Steering Group was appointed in 2005 to oversee and scrutinise the UKCP09 project, comprising a group of independent experts in the field of climate modelling, the Devolved Administrations as funding partners, and the project team itself. In addition to this, the techniques used have been presented at conferences and seminars, and informal discussions with individuals and groups that are concerned with communicating uncertainty and understanding the use of uncertainty in decision making. A formal peer review of the complete project was undertaken early in 2009, with the aims of checking that the methodologies for producing the Projections and Weather Generator were credible, and fit for purpose.

The UKCP09 climate change projections reports are designed to offer as much information as possible about the techniques used in constructing the Projections. This information is provided for a dual purpose; first, to enable potential users to determine for themselves the appropriateness of the Projections for their needs; and second to enhance the ability of users to effectively participate in the scientific discourse on the need for and future developments related to the available functionality of UKCP09 and its supportive material (User Guidance and User Interface).

It is planned that further sensitivity testing and discussions on the methodologies used will take place after launch, once the information has been made public. As well as this, the project team and Defra will continue to communicate the Projections to as wide an audience as possible with the aim of enhancing the utility of UKCP09.