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Delivery bodies

A consortium of organisations was responsible for delivering UKCP09 outputs. 

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS) are the funding providers of the UK climate projections on behalf of Government and the Devolved Administrations. DECC (now DBEIS) managed the Met Office Hadley Centre contract while Defra managed the UKCIP, User Interface and Weather Generator contracts, communications strategy, and chaired the Steering Group and Project Management Group. Defra and DECC (now DBEIS) were also ultimately responsible for sign off on all the UKCP09 products.

UKCIP managed the interface between the UKCP09 project and stakeholders, management of the UKCP09 Users' Panel, development of the UKCP09 user guidance, management of user training/awareness raising workshops and management of the overall UKCP09 project plan.

The Met Office Hadley Centre provided the bulk of the science behind UKCP09. It has managed the modelling and development of the probabilistic projections, Regional Climate Model output, marine scenarios, and associated publication of the scientific reports.

The British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) has created the UKCP09 User Interface including provision of technical guidance for the User Interface (sub-contracting Met Office Hadley Centre, UKCIP, University of East Anglia, and Newcastle University)

Newcastle University led on the development of the Weather Generator including technical guidance. They were also involved in the development of the User Interface in collaboration with BADC.

University of East Anglia developed the Weather Generator in collaboration with the University of Newcastle.

The Environment Agency, Tyndall Centre, and Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership contributed to the modelling and drafting of the marine projections. The Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (now the National Oceanography Centre) managed the production of the storm surge, multi-level ocean projections and wave projections under contract to the Met Office.

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