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About the Observed Trends

The Observed Trends report is one of four scientific reports that have been published on UKCP09. The report discusses observed (past) UK climate trends, to provide historical context for the future climate change projections presented elsewhere in UKCP09.

As well as providing this historical climate context, the Observed Trends report provides graphics of climate trends and datasets for the baseline period of the UKCP09 projections (1961 to 1990). These have been selected to cover as many as possible of the same variables as are covered in the UKCP09 future projections.

A copy of the Observed Trends report can be downloaded from the Reports and Guidance section.

Images from the Observed Trends report can be found in the Observed trends report images pages.

What to use it for

The Observed Trends report should be used to:

  • Explore the current climate vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Help prepare adaptation strategies in the context of current climate risk.
  • As a basis for understanding the validity of the climates generated by the UKCP09 Weather Generator

More information

For more information on the contents of the Observed Trends report, use the links on the left to navigate to further guidance pages.

Need more help?

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