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About the 11-member RCM

The 11-member Regional Climate Model (RCM) provides projections of absolute future climate as opposed to changes relative to the 1961-1990 baseline (as with the UKCP09 projections). It should be noted that there is less support available on the use of the 11-member RCM compared with others UKCP09 products.

The 11-member RCM data is created using 11 variants of a climate model called HadRM3. Unlike the UKCP09 Projections, the 11-member RCM only represents projections from the HadRM3 model, and does not take into account any other model projections.

The 11-member RCM information is not part of UKCP09, and is available from the British Atmospheric Data Centre . Technical documents associated with the 11-member RCM can be downloaded from the Reports and Guidance section of this website.

What to use it for?

The 11-member RCM might be used to:

  • Undertake studies that require spatial and temporal coherency. That is to say the data can be aggregated from a number of grid squares to study larger areas.
  • Perform studies that require greater levels of spatial resolution.
  • Undertake trends analysis as the RCM provides continuous projections rather than projections in 30 year time slices.
  • Analyse variables that are unavailable in UKCP09.

More information

For more information on the 11-member RCM, use the links on the left to navigate to further guidance pages.

Need more help?

  • For examples of how other organisations have used the UKCP09 projections please see the Case Studies.
  • For other queries please see our Help tab.