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About the Spatially Coherent Projections

The probabilistic climate projections available from UKCP09 website are not fully coherent across different locations. This means that grid cells cannot be merged to create larger areas of study. For those who need to consider climate change at more than one location in a way that captures the relationship between the different locations, an 11-member ensemble of Spatially Coherent Projections (SCPs) has been generated.

The SCP data is available from the User Interface as .csv files (via the .csv archive). A copy of the technical report to accompany the SCPs can be downloaded from the Reports and Guidance section.

What to use them for

The SCPs can be used to:

  • Undertake studies that need to take into account more of the UKCP09 probabilistic range than the 11-member RCMs offers.
  • Perform studies that require information from more than one grid square in a spatially coherent way.
  • Undertake studies that require information from multiple climate variables delivered in one batch.

More information

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Need more help?

For examples of how other organisations have used UKCP09 projections please see the Case Studies.

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