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  • Amendments to the Observed trends report

The definitions for Heating Degree Days and Cooling Degree Days have been clarified. See the Table A1.2 in the to the Observed trends report.

  • UKCP09 User Survey

Thank you to all who responded to the UKCP09 User survey last summer. A summary of the results, and an overview of our responses to the main suggestions, are now available to download.

  • Observed data for aggregated areas

Historical data for the UKCP09 aggregated areas has been added to the Met Office observed data site

  • UKCP09 .csv archive now available

An archive of UKCP09 data is now available from the User Interface (UI) . The archive makes for more rapid downloading of large amounts of data, and contains data on:

  • Probabilistic projections over land: Sampled data of projections of both change and absolute future climate, for all time periods, temporal averages, spatial averages and emissions scenarios.
  • Probabilistic projections over marine regions: Sampled data of projections of climate change, for all time periods, temporal averages and emissions scenarios.
  • Sea level rise projections: Both absolute and relative sea level rise projections are available for all three emissions scenarios and all grid cells.
  • Storm surge projections: Projections are available for all grid cells.
  • Global mean annual temperature change: These data provide the change in global mean temperature associated with each of the 10,000 samples in the sampled data; and a cumulative distribution function (CDF) data set is also available,

Cumulative distribution function (CDF) data for the probabilistic projections over land and marine regions should be available in the near future. 

  • UKCP09 online discussion forum

As part of the ongoing work with users of UKCP09, a discussion forum has been added to the UKCIP online training website. 

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  • New case studies added

The Case studies section now includes live studies as well as the Worked examples that were prepared for launch.

  • Technical note on surface wind speed

To address the lack of wind speed data available directly from UKCP09, the Met Office have provided a Technical note [1Mb] that looks at the 11-member RCM. (pdf, 10.6 MB). A supplement to the wind speed note [334kb] was added in October 2010. (pdf, 340 KB).

  • Shapefiles now available

Shapefiles are now available from the User Interface - select the Shapefile option from the Outputs page. Guidance on use of the files can be found in the Reports & guidance section.

  • Amendments to the science report

Minor amendments to the were added on July 2nd 2009.