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Customisable maps

UKCP09 climate projections can be presented in map format. Customisable maps that users can produce showing the projected amount of climate change across a mapped area (e.g. UK-wide or administrative region). They can be produced using the UKCP09 User Interface  and exported as images in various file formats (.pdf, .ps, .png and .jpg). A number of pre-prepared maps are also available from the Maps and Key Findings section.

Maps are available for the climate change projections over land and for marine and coastal projections. Each map can be used to show projections for:

  • One climate variable (such as temperature or precipitation)
  • Multiple grid squares across the mapped area
  • One time period
  • One temporal average
  • One of the three emissions scenarios
  • One probability level (probabilistic projections only)

More information on customisable maps

More information about how to use the maps can be found on the 'Customisable maps in detail' page. Information on how to interpret the maps can be found on the 'Interpreting customisable maps' page.

Need more help?

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