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Sampled data

Sampled data are one of the fundamental projection data products available from UKCP09. The sampled data provides 10,000 samples, each of which represents a projected change in climate.

The best way to think of the sampled data is as a spreadsheet for each 25 km grid square or aggregated region (for a 30-year time period and under one emission scenario). Each row is a possible model variant describing the projected climate and each column represents a climate variable that defines the projected climate.

Sample data is available for climate change projections (for grid squares,administrative regions and river basin regions) and for the marine and coastal projections. Data are available for:

  • one location;
  • one emissions scenario;
  • one 30-year future time period.

Similar sampled data are available for some variables of future absolute climate (as opposed to climate change, which is measured against a 1960-1991 baseline).

Sampled data are provided as.csv or .cv format files. If you download .csv files then you can import them as a spreadsheet. 

More information on sampled data

More information about how to use the sampled data can be found on the Sampled data in detail page.

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