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What should I use it for?

The observed trends information can be used in a number of ways. You might like to use it:

  • To explore current climate vulnerabilities and risks, including its recent evolution.
  • To explore adaptation strategies and options in the context of current climate risks.
  • As a basis for understanding the validity of climates generated by the UKCP09 Weather Generator.
  • To explore adaptation strategies and options in the context of responding to projected climate risks.

The observed trends are based on gridded datasets that have been generated for a range of climatic variables, covering the UK for the period from 1914. These datasets are based on the archive of UK observational data held at the UK Met Office and are available from the Met Office website .

The Met Office gridded observed datasets available include:

  • Daily datasets (1960 to 2011)
  • Monthly datasets (currently updated to the end of 2011)
  • Annual datasets (1961 to 2011)
  • Baseline average datasets (1961 to 1990, 1971 to 2000, 1981 to 2010)

The datasets are provided as a series of zipped space-delimited or comma delimited ASCII text files.

Users are encouraged to review the  Risk, uncertainty and decision-making framework and Climate Ready's Adaptation Wizard  for guidance on how to assess current vulnerabilities and risks.