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The observed trends provide an accessible data set:

  • of a long-term data set of key variables
  • covering daily, monthly, seasonal and annual time series
  • at a high spatial resolution (5km grids).

They are suitable for exploring:

  • current and recent evolution of climate vulnerabilities and risks.
  • adaptation options in the context of current climate risks.

The observational records have been gridded to help with analyses and presentation, and to address shortcomings of the observed records. For example, the density of the station network used varies through time and for different climate variables (e.g. for temperature variables the number of stations rises from about 270 in 1914 to 600 in the mid-1990s before falling to 450 in 2006).

The UKCP09 observed trends report provides information to 2006. These datasets have since been updated so more recent information (up to 2011) is now available from the Met Office. We suggest you check the Met Office website for further information.

Refer to the Risk, uncertainty and decision making framework  and Climate Ready's Adaptation Wizard  for guidance and further support on how to assess current vulnerabilities and risks.