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Observed trends maps & graphs

This page presents some example UK-wide maps summarising observed (linear) trends. They are useful for stimulating discussion around climate vulnerabilities, risks and potential adaptation options.

The UK-wide maps below show annual, summer & winter change (1961 to 2006) for:

  • Average daily mean temperature
  • Average daily maximum temperature
  • Average daily minimum temperature
  • Average number of frost days
  • Average total precipitation
  • Average number of rain days

They are available to download in .png format - simply click on the relevant image below. Please note that any UKCP09 images used in presentations must be credited: © UK Climate Projections 2009

Summary graphs of observed temperature and precipitation changes are available from the left hand menu.

Maps, graphs and tables of seasonal and annual changes for other variables and time periods are available from the left hand menu. They are also available from Chapter 2 of the UKCP09 Observed Trends report, along with information on how these maps were produced, which can be found in the Reports & guidance section.

Average daily mean temperature (ºC)


Average daily maximum temperature (ºC)


Average daily minimum temperature (ºC)


Average number of frost days


Average total precipitation (mm)


Average number of rain days