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What to use them for

The 11-member RCM ensemble is useful to undertake certain tasks that are not possible using the probabilistic UKCP09 projections.

Examples of how other users have used the 11-member RCM can be found in the Case studies section. Some ways in which the 11-member RCM ensemble can be used are:

1.    To perform studies that require consistent scenarios over both space and time

The 11-member RCM information is spatially and temporally coherent. This means that you can compare impacts occurring in different places, and you can compare impacts occurring in different time periods.

2.    To investigate climate variability

The improved spatial resolution of the 11-member RCM allows for better representation of small-scale meteorological processes. This provides improved representation of regional climate extremes (such as local-level precipitation events). 

3.    To perform trends analyses

The 11-member RCM provides continuous (transient) projections from 1950 to 2099. It is the continuous nature of the 11-member RCM information that allows you to investigate trends in the projections over many years.

4.    To perform studies that require variables that are unavailable from UKCP09

The 11-member RCM data provides a larger range of variables than can be attained from the UKCP09 Weather Generator.