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Worked examples

To provide some context for using UKCP09, worked examples were developed prior to launch. These examples used a limited amount of dummy outputs to examine how UKCP09 information might be used for a range of situations.

It is important that the worked examples are not interpreted as a best practice method for using UKCP09, but as one way of using the outputs.

TitleCase study focusOutput usedOrganisation
Energy use sustainability in school buildings  Performing a sustainability assessment
  • Weather Generator
Updating existing research Updating existing research
  • Sampled data
  • Weather Generator
Anglian Water
Potential changes to snowfall in Snowdonia Investigating impacts of climate change on snowfall in Snowdonia
  • Weather Generator
Countryside Council for Wales
UK marine shelf conservation Performing a marine spatial assessment
  • Marine & coastal projections
  • Multi-level ocean projections
Estimating flow in UK rivers Modelling impacts of climate change on river flows
  • 11-member RCM
CEH / Met Office Hadley Centre
Thermal modelling and building designUsing wind data to assess building design
  • 11-member RCM
Overheating risk for buildings Assessing adaptation measures for building design
  • Climate change projections
Farming and land management Providing guidance on how to prepare for climate change
  • Climate change projections
Environment Agency worked example Performing an ecological assessment
  • Climate change projections
Environment Agency
 Flood management policy guidanceInvestigating current policy in the light of climate change impacts
  • 11-member RCM
Environment Agency / Defra
Tree species selection and climate changeSupporting change in management practice
  • Climate change projections
Forest Research
Climate change and forestry adaptation Modelling impacts of climate change on the forestry sector
  • Weather Generator
Forest Research 2
Assessing Leeds' current climate vulnerability Performing a local climate impacts profile (LCLIP)
  • Weather Generator
Leeds City Council
Climate change and the UK cider industry Informing sector-specific capacity building
  • Climate change projections
  • Weather Generator
National Association of Cider Makers
Water resource planning and management Informing resource management & planning
  • Observed trends
  • Climate change projections
  • Weather Generator
Newcastle University
Climate impacts on the Skomer Marine Natural Reserve Investigating impacts & implications for management policies
  • Climate change projections
  • Storm surge
  • Sea level rise
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
Raising climate awareness and informing policy: floodingInforming strategic investment & adaptation policy for inland flooding
  • Climate change projections
Risk Management Solutions