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The navigation is primarily broken into six broad sections (the tabs at the top of the page) with further details for the relevant section in the left column. 

Below the tabs is a break-down of where you are in the site (sometimes known as breadcrumbs) so you can see how you got to that page.

At the foot of the page are links to utility pages on the site, and the date the page was last updated.


The search box with grey border searches the UKCP09 site only, and may be helpful in finding specific pages.

There are many FAQs on the website, so we have included an FAQ search function which will help narrow down the list.   

PDF files

Documents marked PDF are saved in Portable Document Format (PDF). To read them you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Acrobat Reader software is available for downloading free of charge.

Viewers with visual difficulties may find services provided by Adobe to improve the accessibility of Adobe Acrobat documents useful -