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Central England Temperature (CET)

The Central England Temperature (CET) dataset is a time series of observed (i.e. measured) temperature representative of a roughly triangular area of the United Kingdom, enclosed by Bristol, Lancashire and London. The monthly series begins in 1659, and is the longest available instrumental record of temperature in the world.

In detail

The CET dataset shows variations across a broad range of timescales, and a useful indicator to illustrate trends in average temperature in the UK. The CET record shows that 2006 was the warmest calendar year on record by a considerable amount, coming on top of a long run of warm years.

of the UKCP09 Climate of the UK and recent trends report uses CET to examine temperature trends across the UK.   

The CET dataset is available from the Met Office Hadley Centre as HadCET, consisting of daily, monthly and seasonal temperatures. Anomalies are also calculated with respect to 1961-1990 climatology. The stations used to compile CET are chosen from the UK surface station network to be consistent as possible with those used historically. The data are then adjusted to ensure consistency with the historical series.

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