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Storm track

Relatively narrow zones in Atlantic and Pacific oceans along which storms (or depressions) travel.

In detail

Low pressure systems track across the Atlantic every few days and dominate the weather over Europe. These low pressure systems tend to follow similar paths across the Atlantic, along what is known as the North Atlantic storm track.

UKCP09 provides a commentary about potential future changes to the location of the North Atlantic storm track.

  • An overview is provided in section 5.9 of the Briefing report.
  • Go to Annex 6 of the UKCP09 Climate change projections report and section 2.3 of the UKCP09 Marine & coastal projections report for further details.
  •  Annex 3.4.2 discusses storm tracks in terms of assessing how well HadRM3 (the regional climate model, RCM, used in UKCP09) simulates large-scale atmospheric features.