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A wave is a disturbance that propogates through a substance. 'Wind-generated waves' are waves that occur on the surface of oceans and seas.

The term 'wave climate' is used to describe the distribution of wave height, period and direction over time.

In detail

UKCP09 provides projections of climate-driven changes in offshore waves. These are represented by various parameters include extreme waves and mean wave height (MWH). A wave model, PROWAM, is used for a 12 km resolution model of the NW European continental shelf. All results are for the medium emissions scenario (SRES A1B).

Find out more

  • Results for wave height are summarised in  of the UKCP09 Briefing report with more details in  of the UKCP09 Marine & Coastal Projections report.
  • Case studies have been developed to examine how the UKCP09 marine and coastal projections might be used. They should not be interpreted as a best practice method for using UKCP09, but as one way of using the outputs.
  • See also the MCCIP Annual Report Card on the MCCIP website.