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Administrative regions

Administrative regions are areas of the UK based on administrative boundaries. They are one of the pre-defined areas for which UKCP09 probabilistic projections are provided.

In detail

Administrative regions are one of three pre-defined aggregated areas used in UKCP09. Probabilistic climate projections have been provided as an average of all UKCP09 25 km grid squares that comprise each administrative region.

UKCP09 administrative regions are based on the English Government Office regions, the Devolved Administrations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and the Crown Dependencies of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Due to its large geographical area, Scotland has been further sub-divided into three regions based on the Met Office climate districts.

Find out more

· Key findings, maps and graphs about climate projections are available in the Maps & key findings section for each UKCP09 administrative region.

· Tables showing changes in recent observed climate trends for each UKCP09 administrative region are provided in Chapter 2 of the UKCP09 Observed Trends report.