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The Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Coastal Ocean Modelling System or POLCOMS is a model used to produce Multi-level ocean projections in UKCP09.

In detail

POLCOMS is a multi-level baroclinic shelf-seas model. It comprises a sophisticated three-dimensional hydrodynamic model, with the ability to run in regions that include both the deep ocean and the continental shelf, together with linked sediment and ecosystem models.

In UKCP09, POLCOMS has been run using a reduced grid to project changes in sub-surface marine variables around the UK coast.

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  • Further details about potential changes in the hydrography and circulation of the northwest European continental shelf are provided in the Marine & Coastal projections report. The POLCOMS model and associated method is described in section 6.2 of the report.
  • See more about POLCOMS on the National Oceanography Centre  website.