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PROWAM model

PROWAM is the wave model used for projections of changes in offshore waves in UKCP09.

In detail

The PROWAM model is a modified version of the WAM cycle-4 3rd generation wave model, which is a spectral (phase-averaged) wave model. It includes wave generation by wind, non-linear wave-wave interactions and dissipation processes including white-capping and bottom friction.

PROWAM is a version of WAM developed to run on higher spatial resolution than the standard WAM model and also includes some extra shallow-water processes.

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  • Further details about potential changes in wave climate are provided in  of the Marine & Coastal Projections report. The PROWAM model and associated method is described in .
  • Monbaliu et al. (2000) The spectral wave model, WAM, adapted for applications with high spatial resolution, Coastal Engineering 41(1-3), 41-62. doi:10.1016/S0378-3839(00)00026-0 
  • Komen et al. (1994) Dynamics and Modelling of Ocean Waves. Cambridge University Press, 532 pp.