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A version of the HadCM3 Global Climate Model that uses a slab ocean, developed by the Met Office Hadley Centre and used for UKCP09.

In detail

The atmospheric component of HadCM3 can be run while coupled with a slab ocean, this is known as HadSM3. This is faster and less computationally intensive than running the fully coupled model, however, it lacks the ocean feedbacks of a fully coupled model.

HadSM3 was run at both 1 x CO2 and 2 x CO2, while varying 31 parameters to create the full 300 member ensemble of runs available through UKCP09. The 300 runs were then timescaled and downscaled using the 17 runs of HadRM3 and HadCM3.

  • More details about the climate models used in UKCP09 are given in in the UKCP09 Climate change projections report. A commentary about the strengths and weaknesses of climate models is given in .

  • An overview of how probabilistic projections are created and presented in UKCP09 is described in of the UKCP09 Briefing report. More details are provided in Chapter 3 of the UKCP09 Climate change projections report, including an overview of the methodology in .