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Warmest day of summer

These maps are useful to communicate the main results of UKCP09 and raise awareness about climate change. When presenting UKCP09 projections using maps you should use a series of maps to show the range of possible outcomes. Here we have put together maps in series of 3 (showing the 10%, 50 % and 90% probability levels) for a range of climate variables. They are available for the 2020s, 2050s and 2080s and for low, medium and high emissions scenarios.

To download the maps, simply click on them and save to your computer. When using in presentations or reports, please credit these images as: © UK Climate Projections 2009

If you require a postscript version of an image for high resolution printing, please contact the Helpdesk with details of which image, and where it is to be used.

Change in temperature of the warmest day of summer, Medium emissions scenario

Sum_Warm_Med_2020s.jpg 2020s, Medium emissions scenario
Sum_Warm_Med_2050s.jpg 2050s, Medium emissions scenario
Sum_Warm_Med_2080s.jpg 2080s, Medium emissions scenario