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North East England

The maps, graphs and key findings for UKCP09 are a quick way to see projected changes in the UK climate at a national and regional level. All use the three UKCP09 emissions scenarios, and a range of probability levels to show the spread of possible outcomes.

Use the maps, graphs and key findings to:

  • communicate the main results of UKCP09;
  • raise awareness about climate change;
  • consider climate changes at a national or regional level; and
  • introduce the concept of probabilistic climate projections.

More details are provided in . If you would like more in-depth information, go to the Briefing report, or to the Case studies to see how other organisations have used UKCP09.

Each map and graph also has a link to Customisable Version that takes you to the Outputs page of the interactive UKCP09 User Interface (UI), where you can change the parameters to create your own image.

Please note that you will be asked to login or register to access the UI, if you have not already done so.