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The maps show a range of climate that we might expect, for a variety of climate variables, three emissionsscenarios, three timeperiods and a range of probabilitylevels.

Click on a map to open a larger, .png version, or on the Link to customisable output to open the same map in the output page of the UKCP09 UserInterface. From there you can edit the parameters to produce your own image. Please note that are needed to show the range of possible outcomes.

For further information on the UKCP09 projections:

  • go to on how the climate projections be used;
  • read the Briefingreport;
  • have a look at the Casestudies to see how other organisations have used UKCP09.

Select a variable and emissions scenario from the table - clicking on a map will take you to a page with a range of probabilities and time periods for your selection.

Emissions scenario
Annual average daily temperature NE_lo3_annual.jpg NE_med3_annual.jpg NE_hi3_annual.jpg
Summer average daily temperature NE_lo3_stemp.jpg NE_med3_stemp.jpg NE_hi3_stemp.jpg
Winter average daily temperature NE_lo3_wtemp.jpg NE_med3_wtemp.jpg NE_hi3_wtemp.jpg
Summer precipitation NE_lo3_sprec.jpg NE_med3_sprec.jpg NE_hi3_sprec.jpg
Winter precipitation NE_lo3_wprec.jpg NE_med3_wprec.jpg NE_hi3_wprec.jpg