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Winter precipitation

The graphs on this page show projections for the 10, 33, 50, 67 and 90% probability levels across all 7 overlapping time periods, starting with 2010-2039 (commonly known as the 2020s) and ending with 2070-2099 (commonly known as the 2080s). Each graph shows a separate emissions scenario: low, medium or high.

To download the graphs, simply click on them and save to your computer. When using in presentations or reports, please credit these images as: © UK Climate Projections 2009.

If you would like to edit the parameters of the climate data used to create these graphs and generate your own output, you can do so by clicking 'link to customisable version' to the right of the graph that you would like to edit. This will take you to the User Interface, which requires a login.

Low emissions scenario

IOM_WinPmean_Lo_All_Gr.jpg All probability levels

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